Back to the Garden Childcare is a joint venture between the McGoff Group and Stewart and Jeannie Pickering, the founders of the highly successful kidsunlimited brand. Both parties bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the partnership, delivering child-centred care and education equal to the highest quality available.

The philosophy focuses on the health and wellbeing of each and every child with a specially designed menu, working with nutritionalists and wherever possible, using organic or locally grown produce. Impressive external spaces form the heart of Back to the Garden.

The beautiful landscaped settings provide an opportunity for the children to explore and discover in a natural, safe and stimulating environment, benefiting from a gardening and planting patch, a large playground and European inspired all-weather play areas.

Garden Teepee

Childs Play

Nursery Interior

Nursery Living Wall


Nursery Entrance

Nursery Interior