Generations come together to create Fresco in Lymm

With its innovative multi-age concept fast taking shape in Lymm, the McGoff Group brought young and old together for an exciting art project to commemorate the start of Global Intergenerational Week (25 April).

Pre-school children from Back to the Garden Childcare, the Group’s natural child-led day nursery, joined elderly residents from Grosvenor Manor, one of the Group’s beautiful residential care homes, to transform an unused part of the development hoarding along the side of Statham Avenue into a stunning spring fresco.

96-year-old Peggy Steib and 84-year-old Joyce Hurst started the project off and were joined by three-year-old Miller Carty, Olivia Yu who is three and a half and her brother Joey who is two.  Young and old worked together to populate the picture with colour and detail; the children using finger and handprints to create beautiful pink cherry blossom and daffodils and the adults using different brush applications for trees, greenery and colourful flowers in bloom.

The resulting image is a wonderful reflection of what can be created when people of all ages come together to support and inspire one another and will be reproduced digitally on weatherproof vinyl and installed permanently on the hoarding.

Director at the McGoff Group, Chris McGoff, said: “Global Intergenerational Week was the perfect opportunity for us to facilitate this super activity highlighting how important it is for the youngest and oldest members of society to spend time in each other’s company, sharing knowledge and skills, developing friendships and essentially having fun and is a great representation of the concept and thinking behind the creation of our new development in Lymm.”

Grosvenor Manor resident Peggy Steib trained at Guy’s Hospital in London and has worked as a nurse, midwife and health visitor.  She added: “It was absolutely delightful for me because children and babies were my business when I worked a long time ago.  I helped a three-year-old paint something and it was lovely to have both generations together – we just had a lovely time.”

Due for completion later this year, the McGoff Group development on Whitbarrow Road is one of the first of its kind in the North West and will bring young and those in later life together to form a vibrant new micro-community with proven health, social and wellbeing benefits for all.  When complete, it will feature an award winning care centre, natural child-led day nursery and 45 individually designed residential apartments which benefit from an on-site concierge and the option to ask for a little extra help as and when needed.