BBC Nottingham feature The Grand

BBC Nottingham have recently featured the re-enablement unit at The Grand.

The re-enablement unit at The Grand Care Centre is commissioned by Nottingham NHS Trust. It is run with colleagues from the Trust and Age UK. The service is provided for individuals who have experienced numerous falls in their own homes requiring multiple hospital admissions. These individuals are admitted to the re-enablement unit from the hospital before they are discharged home. The task of the staff on the unit is to identify and address the underlying issues which cause these individuals to fall when in their own homes. The staff employed by the home work with a wide range of health and social care professionals to provide re-enablement to this group of individuals.

The average length of stay of individuals in the re-enablement unit is currently running at 14 days which is excellent. In addition, more than three quarters of individuals were still in their own homes three months after they were discharged from the home, and had not experienced any hospital admissions during this period. This service is delivered by the private, public and voluntary sector and is an excellent example of partnership working for the benefit of the local population; as well as reducing the pressure on primary care services.

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